MIBO soul is about people

Rosťa Borák

Master of the Welding workshop

Precision, scrupulosity, love for details, sanity, tidiness. Extremely loud person. Also super responsible mastermind with desire for learning and quick to learn, selfless.
He is the firm base of the organization, smoking as a chimney but never gets too hot. He loves good beer and good food. He is a developer who breathes for the business. This is the guy who can look straight into your eyes even if there is something wrong, and everybody knows what is happening. This is the guy who slaps you and you know it means, among other things, "thank you".
He drives his scooter to work even if he doesn´t have to. He loves his life how he makes it and if he makes it wrong, the next time he is sure to make it right. The best boss in the world.

Pavel Werner

CEO, manager, foreign and domestic sales, HR

The best planner, walking calculator, strategist, business relations maker, cool head, cordial and straightforward person.
LOFT, PADRE, Central Brain of MIBO, Lighthouse and Gate Keeper.
He has awkwardly great both short term and long term memory, he is a fair guy and also a severe mediator. One of the few who can separate private life from the business. Proud father and a perfect husband.
He is the active brain of all the operations, and a keen runner, swimmer, sauner, fitness centers lover... who happens to love good food, good books and good music. Also a good friend and analyst of situations, preacher and confessor.

Břeťa Michálek

Owner of the organization, developer, explorer, adventurer, positivist.

He is able to order absolutely anything from the above, starting with good people surrounding him up to health and good humour. He is the undrying well of stories and experiences.
Variety, stubbornness, bullheadedness and unbelievable vitality. Filtration of the perceptions, keeping only the positive ones. Developer, visionary, grandfather and a school boy in one person. He loves challenges - he spent a week in darkness, he was on a hunger strike for a month, he was in Mongolia hitchhiking, he tried parachute jumping, he went to Santiago on a kickscooter.
This guy is a seducer with a curly hair who loves hiking, skiing, crosscountry skiing, sauna, badminton, volleyball, tennis. He built a wooden house himself and he is a real handyman. This one is a hedonistic flegmatic who flows through his life as a wild river... and he can brake some stones on his way. Gate Keeper who checks alertness of his people.
He is prone to alternative, loves colloidal silver, spends half a year in shorts and most of the year barefoot. Cold alert: if Břeťa wears shoes, it´s -15°C. Also, he´s immortal Adonis.

Lucie Werner ———ová

Fridge, cakeshop, pork cans, goulash and deli lover. Professional sofa tester, gourmet and a food liquidator.

Her life motto is "I live to eat."
And she is also perfect at customer service, invoices, orders, organizing, messaging, leveling, balancing, assisting to anyone. Fan of women muscles, liberal, movie watcher, life lover, and also introvert. People´s character meter. And her blankets are alive, for some reason.