Electric kickscooters

An active sports scooter rider likes to ride an electric scooter, but not every scooter lover can enjoy full-fledged sports on it. 

In addition, the scooter serves not only as a tool for sports, but in many cases also as a means of transport. For those who are not very physically fit, but even for those who are, it is not always convenient to arrive at the destination in a wet shirt, our electric scooters will serve you well.

We build electric scooters on proven ones and years of proven sports frames.

Therefore that the user can choose between sport and a comfortable ride at any time during the ride. The sporty geometry also allows you to continue driving if you overestimate the length or difficulty of the route and the battery runs out. For our scooters, we preferably use motors without internal gears and with electronics providing a power of 500-1000W. The motors are maintenance-free with rotor-stator construction. And since we have been supplying these scooters for several years, electric scooters with mileage of 30,000 or more kilometers are no exception.

Of course, we provide ongoing service to our scooters, so we have a good overview. We do not try to integrate the battery into the frames, as is the case with modern e-bikes. The reason is simple. Everyone needs a different long range, and thanks to our solution, the user can choose for himself which battery capacity he chooses and how much he spends on the battery.

Moreover, the life of the battery is shorter than that of the scooter itself, and it will need to be replaced in a few years. Thanks to the external storage, the user has a free choice of what type of battery the user chooses in the future and is not limited to one specific size.

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