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Eight of ten scooters sold in our showroom in Vidče are modified. Aesthetically or to improve driving characteristics.

At first glance, the visible change is the optional paint. We have a choice of most colors from the RAL swatch. The time for the realization of the varnish on request is usually 3 weeks. We have to stick to certain rules, for example reflective colors don't get along with folding scooters.

For special customers, we have special paintbrush painting. Any motif, color, line or scheme can be transferred to the scooter frame. Paintbrush    is very demanding, the realization takes up to 60 hours of work. The result is always unique and breathtaking.

If you have chosen the color of the paint, details such as the color of the bowden, the bottle basket and other small things remain to be fine-tuned, which we will be happy to advise you on.

We can order, assemble and tune hydraulic brakes for disc models, if you choose the 28/28 model, we will offer you wheels from renowned world brands and matching shoes, whether for light terrain or on the road.

A full service of our scooters is a matter of course. Pre-season inspection, parts upgrade or refurbishment. You will always receive a calculation in advance and an approximate implementation date.

We look forward to realizing your ideas.

Lucie Wernerová
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An informed customer is a satisfied customer. Everything runs smoothly here at M-I-B-U.

The full model range is available for you to try when you make an appointment. We are based in a closed campus where you can fully focus on testing and benchmarking. We have a lot of mileage. We ride scooters, not just ours, every day. We have a lot loaded, tested, compared, raced. We will advise you on the selection.

If you choose a standard scooter, we will assemble it and get it ready to ride. We will mount the mudguards, attach the bag, or, after mutual consultation, install other accessories. Before your new scooter is unpacked and fine-tuned, we will gladly guide you through the production process. Iron smells. And we want your purchase from us to be exceptional in every way.

We are always working on something, you will often come across new concepts, modified scooters, new color schemes and parts for testing. If the scooter is not intended for a specific customer, you can happily ride it, touch it, test it and take a picture.

If you are from far away, the initial consultation takes place via email or phone. Digital communication options are limited, but we are happy to direct you. A typical purchase takes about an hour. It includes meeting the seller, testing, fine-tuning accessories, payment and delivery.

If you are looking for an exceptional machine in a setup according to your ideas, please direct your selection to the REPAIR section, which is in charge of my colleague MARTIN.

Everything just begins with the purchase itself. My husband PAVEL will teach you to ride for fun, sports or racing, take a look at the section TEACH.

Lucka is looking forward to seeing you for the sales team

Lucie Wernerová
+420 775 423 434


Buying a scooter is just the beginning. If you want to enjoy movement, it is good to master the technique.

You can ride recreationally, sportily or competitively. To handle the rebound well within the range you set, to drive safely and under control around the corner, not to push harder when going uphill than is absolutely necessary. We will be happy to demonstrate and teach you all this.

My name is Pavel. I am a sports pupil of Michal Kulka, multiple world champion, currently a professional running and cycling coach. I went from being a tourist to a competitor. I enjoyed the short 400m courses the most. After several years among competitors, together with Michal, I started training other riders at scooter camps in the Czech Republic and abroad.

And because the interaction with people is close to me, and because I didn't do any sport intensively in my childhood, I can pass on my knowledge and teach a beginner to ride, as well as an athlete and a competitor.

The basics can be managed during one extended lesson, which usually lasts 1.5 hours. We cannot do without a helmet, water and sports clothes.

At the beginning, I will interview you a little so that I know what you have been through, if you have any restrictions, what you have ridden on the scooter, or what you want to ride and in what terrain. A video analysis is part of the teaching.

It takes a little longer to form and experience the right habits. We will discuss everything in detail during 3-5 lessons.

Remember, performance fluctuates, but technique is forever.

If you don't have a scooter yet, take a look at the section ADVICE. We can also tune, including components, take a look at the section MODIFY.

Pavel is looking forward to see you

Lucie Wernerová
+420 775 423 434

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