We make excellent scooters

We focus on things that are not visible at the first sight very often. Perfect alignment or maximal attention to each wheel, handmade centering by professionals... that is a daily way of work for us.

At our company, our absolute dedication is to make a great kickscooter. We are a family business and a happy employee is the key part of our way towards great products.
Because everything can work together only if everyone knows their job, responsibility and quality goal.

Good vibes at our workshop and attention to details lead to great results.

Great results are important for us, and cooperation among the members of the team is important for us all the same. The quality of our work goes hand with hand together with the quality of the relationships among people. And the quality of relationships in our team goes hand in hand together with the relationships with our business partners.
Our partners have a word in decisions about new models or colors. We listen to their opinions and we respect them. Their feedback is important for us, to keep us real. We do not make kickscooters for our own pleasure. We create kickscooters for our customers, we want them to be happy.

We´ve met many of our customers. We are doing our best to stay in touch with them, our customers are not money or profit for us. This business is our common passion.

How the kickscooter is born

We start with a proper discussion. And then it lasts months. Specifications, goals, images. Then we come out with 3 - 5 prototypes, work on the technical side. We use our own frame for the scooters.
We love to use easy solutions, we often adjust our steps to the final price - we don´t want to make expensive products, we don´t want our customers to pay too much. Our path is defined by a constant development and a precise hand production.

In one year, we make only 2500 kickscooters.

This number means the best possible product quality. We offer very personal customer service. The size of production is not the most important thing for us. We don´t see ourselves as a business dependent on a maximum production.

Our goals are innovation and practicallity.

We make kickscooters, and we sell them. We don´t make them because of the money. Our production mirrors our view of the world. We want to break through thanks to inovation, make scooters lasting for the whole life, and handmade production is important for us.

We want our customers to be able to ride the scooters for the whole year. We strive to be variable and universal. Do you want a scooter for a road? Offroad? Discs or not? Each of our models aims to a different audience. While developing the scooters, our goal is simplicity. We don´t need to tell our customers what to do. We just give them a machine and it´s their decision what to do and in what way. And this is the best fun.

We chose to go our way. And you can choose our own.