Scooter production, the heart of the company

How scooters are made

Do you want to know who we really are? Come to see our production.

We are not a shiny factory. We work hard. And if you work hard, it gets messy and dirty. Our work is not an easy one, whatever you do here - welding, making wheels, whatever, it´s just hard work to make everything properly. There is no shortcut.

We believe in a common sense.

We believe in our brains, in a good technical solution. Pencil, paper, protractor, experience and our passion to create, this is more important than the quantity of products. Our machines are not the newest ones, you cannot program them but if you use clever hands and a working brain, the work done here is just superior and precise. And we are proud of that.

In MIBO, it´s just natural to come with your own original solution.

In MIBO, we test things the old, hard way - test it until it breaks. For us, to be original is not the first and most important thing. The first and the most important thing is to make working devices for people who can enjoy them at their best.

We work hard on our wheels.

We work with Novatec hubs, spokes, nipples and rims from RYDE, Netherlands on our machines and then our staff centers them and puts the Schwalbe tubes and tyres on.

Each of our kickscooters is fine-tuned for you.

The brakes must be sharp and crisp, wheels have to be lined, everything is tuned and perfect. After we test the scooter, we disassemble it again, pack it up and get ready for its journey to the customer.